Don’t Support Christopher Boots Replicas

Christopher Boots Lighting – Do Not Support Christopher Boots Copy Lights

If you’ve never heard of Christopher Boots, you soon will. Christopher Boots is a Melbourne-based lighting and furniture designer that creates one-of-a-kind, handmade, pieces of artwork for practical use in the home. Due in part to their high-demand and growing popularity, Christopher Boots copy lighting has emerged throughout many retail spaces. These cheap imitations do not compare to the real thing and should not be supported.

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About the Designer

Christopher Boots can be defined as an Industrial Designer, creating pieces of work that are not only aesthetically pleasing but that use concepts that optimize function and value within a space. Specifically, Christopher Boots’ lighting both illuminates a space and highlights the redeeming qualities that surround it, such as shadows or natural light. His inspirations come largely from nature and he uses materials that are sourced naturally as well such as quartz crystals and real metals.

Christopher Boots graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design and then went on to apprentice with lighting aficionado, Geoffrey Mance. From the invaluable experience he gained with Mance, he went on to open his own studio in downtown Melbourne, where all of his pieces are still produced today. The studio grew from Boots and a select few other artists to a team of over 30, each with their own specialties and skills.

Boots likes the size of the studio now, believing that each person’s skills contribute in different ways to the final pieces they produce. Christopher on his team: “it really takes a whole chorus of people with different skill bases to be able to make something…its not a factory and it never will be”.

This carefully curated team is part of the reason Christopher Boots copy designs will never come close to the originals.

Cheap Knockoffs

As Christopher Boot’s notoriety grew across Australia and the world (his pieces are now sold in London, L.A., Dubai and Vancouver but are still handmade in Melbourne) so did the desire for cheap knockoffs.

Christopher Boots replica lighting is now made and produced from factories across the world, many from illegal and disreputable manufactures. Buying a Christopher Boots replica not only has the potential to support unfair practices but undoubtedly will not support the amazing team that works so hard on the true Christopher Boots pieces.

Beyond that, there are concerns with Christopher Boots replica purchases not even making it to the customer, breaking upon arrival and / or breaking soon after their installation. With a real Christopher Boots’ piece, this is never a concern.

When large factory’s and chain stores rip off Christopher for his designs, the studio ultimately looses valuable business and the artists opportunity to grow their craft even more.

Quality vs Quantity

Boots’ designs are each handmade and unique to the piece before it. This means that every Christopher Boots light that is made is uniquely yours and will not be replicated for another customer. This is such a rare thing to experience in the retail world today.

Replica lighting pieces, in comparison, are easily duplicated, not personalized lights that are mass created for anyone; purchasing a replica Christopher Boots piece certainly does not guarantee its originality. Many of the replica creations are made with inexpensive, low-grade materials, meaning they do not last as long and are not nearly as elegant looking as their inspirations.

There are several websites selling replica lighting that are designed as a low-quality alternative to Christopher Boots’ works of art. All of these sites, to both the experienced art connoisseur and the untrained eye, sell cheap products that do not compare to the mystifying, on-of-a-kind qualities of a real Christopher Boots piece.

After comparing the replicas side by side, it becomes clear that it is far better to own one single Christopher Boots piece than multiple cheap knock-offs, no matter the occasion.

Creating a Museum-Quality Affect, Anywhere

Christopher Boots pieces are ideal for any public space, museum, designer displays or other formal space. That does not mean that the pieces aren’t perfect for a private residence as well.

The high-quality, dizzying beauty of all Christopher Boots lighting can sometimes make the customer feel that it would not fit in their home but in fact many Christopher Boots pieces are in private residences. His work embraces the space that it will occupy, enhancing the natural elements of the space and using natural materials so as not to overwhelm or control the room. The beauty of his work is that each piece can be customized exactly for your space and home. What Christopher Boots copy manufacturer can say the same?

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