5 Reasons to Avoid Replica Designer Lighting

5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Replica Designer Lighting

Christopher Boots is an industrial designer based in Melbourne, Australia. His studio in Melbourne produces every authentic piece of Christopher Boots lighting and artwork available for sale; replica designer lighting should not be supported. There are several reasons these cheap replica designer lighting should be avoided.

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While it is obvious that low-quality, knockoff Christopher Boots pieces are not as good as the real thing but exactly why goes much deeper than you may have imagined. Here are some of the main reasons to only purchase genuine Christopher Boots pieces:

1. The Biggest Reason: Quality

Christopher Boots pieces are museum-quality works of art, available for any public space or private residence.

One of the materials prevalent in much of Christopher Boots work is naturally occurring quartz crystals. The crystals, silicon dioxide, are stunning clear crystals that are rare to find in nature. The ethereal crystals juxtapose the bold metals that also make up the lighting pieces in the most complimentary way.

The metals that make up the pieces include copper, iron, brass and gallium. Glass, polymers and carbon make up the remainder.

Inexpensive imitation lighting is often made with much lower-quality materials and without the care and deliberation of a real Christopher Boots piece.

Though quality tends to come with a higher price tag, the cost of replacing and repairing multiple replica pieces would ultimately be more expensive than the purchase of one, genuine Christopher boots piece.

2. Artist Made Pieces are not Replica Designer Lighting

The Christopher Boots studio is made up of about 30 artists, all with their own unique trades. Glass blowers, copper smiths, ceramicists, sculptors and bronze casters make up the studio’s artists.

Though each of the pieces are designed and overseen by Boots himself, he believes a collaboration of skills and crafts is essential to crafting high-quality, unique works of art.

Because an artist and not a manufacturer in an oversees factory crafts each piece of lighting, each piece can be appropriately called a functional work of art.

The artists in Christopher Boots studio spend so much time putting care and hard work into the pieces they create, no replica can come close because it is not made with love.

3. Handmade, Personalized Artwork

Each Christopher Boots piece is handmade and overseen by Boots himself, ensuring it is exceptionally personalized, something that Christopher Boots replica lighting simply cannot deliver. Each piece is reflective of the artists care that goes into it.

Replica manufacturers, in comparison, simply create carbon copies of each piece they create. One of the greatest things about a Christopher Boots piece is its originality; why would you want to sacrifice that?

4. Christopher Boots Replica is not One-of-a-Kind Artwork Suitable for Anywhere

Christopher Boots artwork has been displayed in hotels, public spaces and designer window displays as well as many private residences. Since the artwork is specially designed to fit the space that it occupies, no piece ever feels overpowering or out of place.

Christopher Boots replica lighting, in comparison, will never compliment its space as well and will stand out for its lower quality. Even the untrained eye can tell when a piece of imitation designer lighting is a replica; it will stand out in the space and not compliment the surroundings.

5. A Story to Feel Good Supporting

Christopher Boots first remembers being influenced by nature and natural materials when he was a young child. He recalls picking up rocks and crystals and being particularly curious about them. Today, he still has the first copy of a rocks and minerals book that inspired his curiosity at the time and has inspired his lighting every day since.

The simplicity and the simultaneous complexity of nature are key components of his lighting, as is the mythological fusion of the natural and classical. That is why much of his pieces use the crystals and minerals in conjunction with modern, polished metal and light.

Replica designer lighting, instead of being inspired by the beauty of nature, was instead inspired by another artists’ inspiration. When you are considering purchasing a piece of replica designer lighting, consider Christopher Boots’ story and what you would prefer to support.

In a culture where so much is created in a factory and does not differ from the other pieces around it, it is refreshing to see beautiful pieces for the home that are handmade. Unique and handmade artwork is such a luxury that cannot be duplicated by replica designer lighting companies. Buying from Christopher Boots studio in Melbourne or at once of his retail locations around the world ensures a piece that it totally unique, high-quality and long lasting and makes a statement.

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